ENGIE Fabricom and CRI partner to build modular power-to-methanol solutions for chemical, power and steel industry

ENGIE Fabricom and CRI partner to build modular power-to-methanol solutions for chemical, power and steel industry

Reykjavík, July 9, 2015 – Carbon Recycling International (CRI), a pioneer in power-to-methanol technology based on carbon capture and utilization, and ENGIE Fabricom one of the leading multi discipline engineering, project management and construction organisations in the UK, today announced a partnership to engineer and build solutions based on CRI’s power-to-methanol technology which can be deployed widely, such as in chemical, power and steel industries.

Under the terms of a framework partnership agreement the companies will develop an integrated product delivery team to engineer, construct and deliver equipment modules based on CRI’s design in order to more rapidly deploy power-to-methanol solutions in industry. ENGIE Fabricom has over 25 years experience in providing innovative solutions for the engineering, construction and installation of complex modules for the oil, gas, chemicals and renewables industries for many blue chip organisations.

CRI is the first company to demonstrate industrial solutions in power-to-methanol production, by capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) from flue gas, large-scale conversion of renewable energy to hydrogen, and by reacting hydrogen and carbon dioxide to produce methanol. CRI’s power-to-methanol production plant in Iceland, which has been operating since 2012, produces ultra-low carbon intensity methanol that is used for biodiesel manufacturing and gasoline blending. The plant has recently been expanded to 4000-t/year production capacity.

“Partnering with ENGIE Fabricom allows Carbon Recycling International to deploy rapidly standardized power-to-methanol production systems to clients”, remarked KC Tran, CEO and co-founder of CRI. “Cofely Fabricom has the experience and resources that will allow CRI to scale-up to deliver and deploy rapidly modular solutions which produce sustainable low carbon intensity fuel and meet our clients expectations of light capital investment and high energy efficiency.”

Nigel Carlton, UK CEO of ENGIE Fabricom, added: “We are looking forward to further building on our relationship with CRI. The combination of our comprehensive engineering project management and module construction expertise combined with the technical innovation skills of our partner will allow us to successfully develop the power to methanol market”.

About ENGIE Fabricom – www.engie-fabricom.co.uk

ENGIE Fabricom provides its services to the Oil, Gas, Chemical and Renewable Industries from their headquarters in Grimsby and other locations around the UK. ENGIE Fabricom belongs to the BtoB energy services business line of ENGIE, global energy player in over 70 countries with 152,900 employees and revenues in excess of Euros 74.7 billion.


About Carbon Recycling International – CRI ehf. http://www.cri.is

Carbon Recycling International (CRI) is the world leader in power-to-methanol technology, enabling power, chemical and steel industries to turn carbon dioxide emissions, hydrogen rich gas or intermittent power into sustainable low carbon intensity fuel that has no impact the food chain or land use. CRI’s solutions are used for energy storage, fuel applications and efficiency enhancement. CRI headquarters are in Reykjavik, Iceland and the company operates an industrial scale power-to-methanol production plant in Grindavik, Iceland.


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