Nordic Heat Master Class in Programme Management

29th November 2017by Katie Hedges

Taking District Energy Projects from Vision to Reality

30 JANUARY 2018

YOU ARE INVITED to a Nordic Heat Master Class in Grimsby, NorthEastLincolnshire, focusing on the rapidly emerging district energy sector in the UK.

OBJECTIVE-The aim is to provide a deeper insight in the process of successfully bringing district energy projects beyond the initial feasibility study,through business modelling, design and the final decision process, into procurement,installation and operation.

FOCUS-Topics addressed at the session include;
•Translating the feasibility study into an action plan
•Specifying the checklist of key activities taking a project from A-Z
•Strategies to secure the crucial buy-in and active support from key decision makers
•Securing the required resources and competencies in the team and with external partners
•Building a realistic business case based upon a competitive value proposition
•Fixing realistic objectives such as; scope, time frames and key success factors e.g. in terms of financial and environmental ambitions
•Highlighting proven solutions in terms of both strategy and technologies
•Opportunities to speed up delivery and reduce costs by learning from peers and replicating tried and tested solutions.
•Step-in solutions and tactics to kick-start the initial heat network

INVITATION – NORDIC HEAT Master Class – Programme Management – GRIMSBY – 30 January – FINAL

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