Celebrating Holly – National Apprenticeship Week


Holly joined CATCH as an apprentice 7 years ago – and has recently been promoted to a key role within our CATCH Skills Department.

What apprenticeship pathway did you study and why?
I studied for an NVQ Diploma in Business Administration. Throughout my first year of A Levels, I soon decided that classroom learning wasn’t for me, I was destined to learn whilst gaining real-life experience, and earning money!

How do you feel this has benefited your career?
Becoming an apprentice at CATCH has definitely benefited my career in so many ways, and has secured the job I have today. The apprentice route provided me with so much experience completing on the job tasks and giving me a strong understanding of the different roles and responsibilities within the workplace. Being supported and guided by the team at CATCH has also made a huge impact on my personal development growth, and the confidence and skills I have built up along the way have helped me become a key member of the team.

What tips would you give your young self?
I would tell my young self starting at CATCH 7 years ago to make the most of all the experience and opportunities you get to be apart of. Not everything will be easy, but keep striving and you will reach your goals!

What are your hopes for the future and how did your apprenticeship support your ambitions?
My hopes for the future are to continue building strong relationships to support our Client’s in the region and nationally. CATCH has so many amazing opportunities throughout the journey ahead, and I cannot wait to be a part of them. Let’s see where the next 7 years takes us!

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