Celebrating Jasmine – National Apprenticeship Week


Jasmine sits at the centre of the CATCH  business and has a varied role – managing everything from our Event space to assisting with our ISO procedures and HR matters.

What apprenticeship pathway did you study and why? I studied Business & Administration because my job role related to the qualification and I wanted to progress with my career in this sector.

How do you feel this has benefited your career? The apprenticeship has improved my confidence and helped with my people skills in the working world.

What tips would you give your young self? I would say to always push yourself and do something every day that scares you, stepping outside of my comfort zone has helped in the long run with increasing my confidence.

What are your hopes for the future and how did your apprenticeship support your ambitions? I hope to become an expert in my role and I believe my apprenticeship has supported my ambitions by helping me build up knowledge, skills, responsibility and gaining general workplace experience.

Lisa Buck


Head Office

Redwood Park Estate
DN41 8TH
Company no. 03837010

01469 552828info@catchuk.org


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