Developing a cost efficient and scalable solution for connecting terraced houses to district energy, Hull – 4 June


INVITATION – Smart City Challenge – Terraced Housing – HULL – 4 June – F1

Terraced houses represent a significant share of the heat market in the UK. Currently available technologies and practices for distributing and connecting heat networks to individual houses are too costly to make district heating a viable alternative to existing gas-based solutions. Not being able to connect terraced houses to heat networks is a huge handicap, significantly hampering the expansion of district heating. We believe there are ways to overcome the cost challenges, thereby making it possible to connect terraced housing to heat networks on a big scale. Combined with heat pumps and smart technologies for managing the heat distribution we also believe it is likely to become commercially viable to connect terraced houses to other innovative infrastructure projects such as mine heat schemes or other sources of low temperature heat.

Considering the huge market potential, there is a strong interest for the supply chain to play an active role in the development of these solutions. For this reason, we are inviting professionals and companies in the district heating industry to a series of seminars and workshops which will be organised in different locations across the UK in the coming year. The first of these seminars will be held in Hull on 4th June.

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