Don’t forget – projects develop your people


Said Catch Technical Consultant, Rachael Cowin, at ‘Project Stakeholders – Maximising their contribution to benefit projects, the organisation, and individuals” webinar. Rachael explained that projects are the perfect way to develop people that may be in static roles. Over 15 people attended the webinar, which was delivered via a sketch note presentation – you can view those slides here.  The webinar packed in various topics, including who and when colleagues should participate in a project, the review process, work as imagined v’s work completed and how to decide whether or not a project is viable. Rachel also covered industry 4.0 and how companies need to adapt to new ways of working –Rachael advised that mindset is a key factor and as is trusting the new technology.

Jill Mooney, Head of CATCH Technical said “At this webinar we spent a fantastic hour with Rachael, understanding how all the key components of a project work together – Catch Technical is able to help you throughout your project journey, or we can assist in specific areas such as planning or with the review process”.

If you would like further information on Project Stakeholders or CATCH Technical please contact Jill –

This webinar was the second delivered by CATCH Technical Services, the next is  “Safety in numbers – is target risk really just a number?” on the 8th June, delivered by CATCH Technical partner ESC Limited.

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