Hydrogen Network – the first network meeting hailed a great success!


CATCH hosted 80 delegates on the 10th March for the first Hydrogen Network meeting, as part of the Humber Industrial Cluster Plan project.

Silvian Baltac and Jason Martins of Element Energy opened the meeting with an informative presentation on Deep-decarbonisation pathways for UK Industry. Sharing their report for the Climate Change Committee for the 6th Carbon Budget which included a modeling tool for the Industrial Decarbonisation strategy for BEIS.  The report covers all UK industrial sites, sectors, and cluster-specific infrastructure.

Specifically, their report outlined, the uptake of Hydrogen across UK industry and the UK drivers, such as hydrogen production rates and variable hydrogen storage options. Plus an overview of the Hydrogen projects in the region such as H2H Saltend and the Gigastack project.  The presentation also covered why it is important to scale up Hydrogen production – such as retaining current industry, reducing the risk of offshoring, creating new jobs and attracting new investment whilst ensuring economic growth.

You can find the CCC 6th Carbon Budget report here – https://www.theccc.org.uk/publication/sixth-carbon-budget/

Next, we welcomed Simon Morris, CCO, HiiRoc who introduced us to their fantastic new plasma technology, that produces Hydrogen from Hydrocarbon feedstocks on-site, with their modular scalable system.  The process produces a bi product – Clean Carbon Black, that can be used in multiple ways such as a soil fertiliser, rubber and toner cartridges. Their solution provides a low-cost clean hydrogen solution, that enables clients to realise their low carbon ambitions.  The company aims to be a driving force servicing the energy transition and the regions net zero ambitions.

Find out more here – https://hiiroc.com/

Katie Hedges, Head of Membership & Low Carbon Strategy at CATCH, detailed the recent success of the Humber Industrial Cluster Plan which has secured £1.7million from the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund to develop a plan for net zero by 2040.  The plan supports a range of deployment project bids that could see first end to end CO2 storage achieved by 2025-2027.

You can sign up to the Humber Industrial cluster Plan here – https://www.catchuk.org/industrial-decarbonisation/

The next network takes place on the 6th June 2021, if you have any questions, please contact katie.hedges@catchuk.org or lisa.buck@catchuk.org

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