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Good Morning – please tell us a little about Maersk Training:
Over 40 years ago, Maersk Training was founded as the result of a human error. That error led to an accident that might have been prevented by better training. Since then, we have added several specialised training areas: Wind, Maritime, Survival, Safety & Security, People Skills, Crane Operation and Human Resource Services. We offer courses at Maersk Training facilities, client-side, online and even virtually. Today, we truly have a global footprint of training facilities, including 7 locations within the UK, which cover all key Oil & Gas, Renewable and Maritime locations.


What support and services can you offer companies in the region and beyond:
Our core business in the Humber region is supporting our wind energy clients with the safety and technical training that keep their technicians safe and job-ready. Safety skills fade is a real challenge for our clients, and it is vital that effective learning takes place and that knowledge is retained. Typically our most regular courses come from the suite of GWO (Global Wind Organisation) approved standards. However, it is also common for us to develop and deliver client-specific courses that relate directly to the environments and equipment that will be familiar to the learners. In addition to the safety and technical training course, Maersk Training is a global leader in the delivery of people skills, human factor and emergency response training. We have decades of experience of supporting with incident investigation and developing challenging programmes that promote safe and empowering behaviours. All of this is available to our customers across the Humber region and is not exclusively applicable to the offshore wind sector.

Why did you decide to base your business at CATCH:
As the preferred training provider for the wind farm owners, turbine manufacturers and local supply chain companies, there was a demand for us open a facility that allowed high-quality training within the Humber region, without the need for travel. Maersk Training in Humber was launched in September 2019, to provide a ‘close to home’ solution for our local wind energy clients. Working in partnership with the CATCH facility in Stallingborough, we were able to access the local infrastructure and supply contacts required, to allow us to design and build, a state of the art wind training facility while supporting local businesses. It was through the support of the local supply chain, and other stakeholders that Maersk Training was able to quickly begin delivering GWO accredited safety, survival and technical training to our clients, across the Humber region. The location also presented a solution for our clients based in the Midlands, and further down the South coast of England, reducing their travel costs. Everything that Maersk Training has achieved and continues to accomplish in the Humber region is thanks to the unique support that our local partners have given us.




For further information on GWO Training at Maersk Training in Humber, please contact the team on 0808 169 1100 or email

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