NEPIC Digitisation and Cyber Security event – Wednesday 27th March 2019 at Hardwick Hall Sedgefield


NEPIC is holding a conference on 27th March which will be highlighting practical ways for companies to take advantage of digital technology to improve their operational and maintenance effectiveness. There will also be a session in the afternoon about cyber security including a ‘live ‘hack on a control system and an update from the HSE on their guidance in this area.

See information below:

The agenda is packed with interesting ways to help companies in your cluster improve their plant performance whilst making sure that cyber security is not compromised.

Intro and keynote from Sabic about Opportunities and challenges from digitisation and how to ensure benefits are realised whilst protecting the company from cyber attacks

Manufacturing and Process improvement

Input from sponsor Emerson on Accelerating Digital Transformation in the Process Industry

Input from Phusion IM and Sword IT Solutions on How a comprehensive Master Data Model can lead to improved operational benefits illustrated by a case study

Input from Jumping Rivers on How Machine Learning can be used to improve Industrial Processes

Input from JMP Analytics on How to transform your workforce to meet the challenges of Industry 4.0

Supply Chain Improvement

Input from Siemens on How digitisation can be used to transform supply chains illustrated by case studies

Input from Focul on Creating a logistics system which integrates and provides collective benefit across procurement, operations and supply chain teams  illustrated by a case study

Input from Evolution MRO on Using digitisation to optimise inventory management

Cyber Security

‘Live’ hack from Tekgem on an industrial control system

Input from the HSE on Updated guidance for cyber security on Industrial Automation and Control systems

Input from Locktons on The insurers perspective on cyber security and the importance of protecting business systems

Input form ABB on Playing the long game, How hackers exploit your system and how to detect their presence


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NEPIC Digitalisation & Cyber Security Conference


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