Plan to enable first UK carbon capture project from the mid 2020s


The UK’s first carbon capture, usage and storage project could be operational from the mid 2020s under a government action plan.

Work will begin early next year to identify opportunities to transform the UK’s fossil fuel infrastructure for use in carbon capture and storage, diversifying the oil and gas sector.

More than 50 international leaders, chief executives of major energy companies, manufacturing businesses and finance firms gathered to discuss the next crucial steps for making cutting-edge carbon capture technology a reality.

Ahead of COP24, the government will show the UK’s continued leadership on tackling climate change by setting out an action plan to enable the development of the UK’s first CCUS project, commissioning from the mid 2020s. The overarching ambition is to roll out the technology at scale in the 2030s, subject to costs coming down sufficiently.

This work is part of our Industrial Strategy Grand Challenge to maximise the advantages for UK industry from the global shift to clean growth.

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