Welcome to new CATCH members Tricoya UK


We wish to extend a warm welcome to Tricoya UK and are delighted to welcome back Kevin Briggs to our board of Directors.

Tricoya UK and its parent company Accsys are changing wood to change the world: enhancing the natural properties of certified sustainable wood to create high performance building products to give the world a choice to build more sustainably.

The Tricoya UK plant (currently under construction) is a world-first: directly acetylating wood chips for use in Tricoya MDF panels. These combine exceptional durability and dimensional stability – even in wet conditions – with the sustainability of wood and the ease of use of traditional MDF, opening new opportunities in architecture, design, building and construction.

Combining chemistry, technology and ingenuity to create these products for a more sustainable built environment, Accsys and Tricoya UK are pleased to be a part of the community of businesses in the Humber region.

Kevin Briggs, Site Manager for the Tricoya UK plant, said: “I’m delighted to be rejoining the CATCH board.  It’s an organisation with a great purpose and potential for meaningful impact, and I, Accsys and Tricoya UK support the continued development of the skills and competencies vital to these industries.”

Lisa Buck


Head Office

Redwood Park Estate
DN41 8TH
Company no. 03837010

01469 552828info@catchuk.org


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