World Mental Health Day with Matt Longley


Why is Mental Health so important to you?

We all have mental health; without good mental health we cannot perform to the best of our abilities. In my time in the film and TV industry I have met some wonderfully creative people. Unfortunately, the dynamics of that industry often takes its toll on the mental health of those that work in it. I lost a friend and a colleague to suicide. The engineer’s response is to do something to prevent a recurrence. Hence, I have researched mental health, stress and wellbeing in the workplace and trained to instruct managers how to have a positive impact on the mental health and wellbeing of their employees and colleagues.

All the studies show that organisations that protect and nurture the mental health of their employees and colleagues, outperform those that do not, in the long term. They create a sustainable and efficient culture where people work well in terms of efficiency and innovation.

How can you support an organisation in their development and implementation of a Mental Health Policy?

Initially, I can train managers to promote positive initiatives that help the mental health and wellbeing of their employees and colleagues.

Often the mental health of employees is seen as an HR issue. Hence there are very few improvements made and the mental health of employees is left out of the health and safety management systems. I can help organisations to embed mental health, stress and wellbeing into their health and safety management systems to ensure that they are complying with their duty of care under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and also how to carry out risk assessments for stress and mental health which are required under the Management of Health and Safety Regulations 1999. This all starts with a robust stress and mental health policy based on the specific activities of each part of the organisation.

Please tell us about why you became a CT Consultant?

I became a CATCH Technical Consultant because I believe that I have a wide range of skills that could help CATCH provide excellent service and support to their clients. I am a Chartered Chemical Engineer with a range of experience across different Industries and also roles. As well as 10+ years operational experience I have 20 years commercial experience dealing with procurement, sales and business improvement. CATCH has a great exposure to the process industries which will help with a symbiotic relationship.

How are you able to assist companies with their projects?

I bring a wealth of experience operationally and commercially. I am able to evaluate the requirements of the business and turn that into practical actions to deliver improvements to customer service, operational efficiency and also contract negotiation or interpretation as to the requirements. Over the years I have saved companies considerable amounts of money in procurement as well as securing business with a sustainable collaborative approach which brings benefits for the long term. I am also able to troubleshoot and recommend improvements ranging from health and safety, quality and operational issues.

Why is it important to have a full service CATCH Technical capability?

It is important for CATCH to be able to offer a suite of capabilities to their clients. Companies work in a variety of industries and have many different drivers and needs. Only with a full service can CATCH meet these needs. Drawing on experience and knowledge from a wide range of consultants will allow best practices from different areas to be used and cross fertilise other industries. It will allow CATCH to be creative with the solutions it offers. The solutions will be based in experience but will also be creative. Companies often need a wholistic approach with an understanding of their business not just an off the shelf offering. Having a full service will enable CATCH to fully understand their clients needs.

Why should a client use the Catch Technical Service?

A client of CATCH is accessing a great wealth of experience. The consultants have a collaborative approach and will work with the client to attain the best outcome for the client by understanding their business drivers and proposing a range of options to improve. This is performed in a collaborative manner using fully open communication and evidence/experience based solutions. This enables the client to assess the most appropriate way forward for them in the most cost effective manner.


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