Yorkshire Engineering Managers Forum

Yorkshire Engineering Managers Forum

Senior Engineering managers, core member companies and major clients meet quarterly to discuss topics of common interest.

The next virtual meeting will be on Thursday 10th September at 10am.

This network had its inaugural meeting in May and from this meeting the topic for our next meeting was agreed to be based on Contractor Competency. It is hoped that a speaker from the HSE will present to explain

• what the HSE recommends and expect to see for good standards of Competency management for Contractors
• what are the common failures that the HSE see in Contractor Competency management?
• and in light of the current COVID situation if there are any ‘watch outs’ for Contractor competency and management.

There will then be a presentation by CATCH on the Contractor Competency Scheme they manage on behalf of the Humber Bank Manufacturing Companies called ‘ConCom’ which is now being rolled out into Yorkshire.

If you would like to attend please contact jill.mooney@catchuk.org

To view the dates please visit the catch calendar


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